What are the best outsourcing countries or top countries to outsource in the world?

best outsourcing countries

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Business process outsourcing refers to leasing various company-related tasks to outside vendors (BPO). Although manufacturing businesses were the only ones to use BPO initially, such as makers of soft drinks who outsourced a significant portion of their supply networks, it is today used to outsource many different goods and services. Many firms, from small startups to well-established enterprises, outsource specific tasks in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive business environment. In general, businesses use BPO techniques for their front-office and back-office activities. Back office BPO is the practice where a corporation hires outside experts to handle its essential business support functions, such as accounting, IT services, payment processing, human resources, quality assurance, and quality assurance regulatory compliance.

Whether a company contracts its activities within or outside of its native nation will determine the scope of its BPO chances. When a BPO contract is moved to a country with politically stable conditions, low labor costs, and lower taxes, it is termed “offshore outsourcing.” One such instance of offshore outsourcing is a US corporation hiring a Singaporean BPO vendor. BPO is also known as “nearshore outsourcing,” when a task is delegated to a neighboring country. This might occur if a US company partnered with a Canadian BPO supplier. When BPO is contracted within the company’s nation, even if its vendor partners are based in separate cities or states, this is referred to as “onshore outsourcing” or “domestic sourcing.” Because it depends on technology and infrastructure that enables external organizations to carry out their tasks effectively, BPO is frequently referred to as information technology-enabled services (ITES).

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The Appeal of BPO

Businesses usually choose BPO because it affords them more operational flexibility. By outsourcing non-essential and administrative chores, businesses may redistribute resources and time to core competencies like customer experience and product leadership, giving them an edge over rival companies in their market. Businesses that use BPO have access to cutting-edge technology tools they might not otherwise have. Businesses and BPO partners constantly strive to improve their operations by implementing the most recent technology and techniques. Since the corporate income tax in the United States is among the highest in the industrialized world, American businesses can save costs by outsourcing their operations to nations with lower corporate income taxes and cheaper labor costs. Companies can also benefit from BPO’s swift resource reassignment when needed, increased productivity, and prompt and accurate reporting (1).

“One of the primary advantages is that it lowers costs. Performing a certain job function internally costs a specific amount. BPO can reduce these costs by outsourcing this job to an external party, often in a less cost-intensive country, reducing the overall cost of performing that job function. “

– Investopedia

Top Countries for Outsourcing or top outsourcing country for Business

Contracting labor to a third party in some of the top nations for outsourcing, like the Philippines and India, offers many benefits, whether you’re a new startup or an established corporation. It can help you cut costs, find qualified candidates faster, finish projects on schedule, access flexible staffing, and more.


India continues to be a popular outsourcing location for companies around the globe. Despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, the nation came in second on Tholons ranking of the Top 50 Digital Nations for 2021.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Cost reduction

There are several ways for firms to cut costs, thanks to India’s outsourcing sector. This is primarily due to the low average pay, low living costs, and surplus of trained workers in the nation. For instance, the average monthly salary for a software engineer in India is 664.53 USD. In contrast, it would cost you, on average, 8742.25 USD per month to hire a software engineer in New York.

A vast and talented talent pool

The second-largest English-speaking population in the world resides in this nation. Due to this, it is perfect for businesses in Europe and North America to outsource their business processes.

The higher education system in India places a strong emphasis on science and technology and annually graduates over 2.6 million people in these fields. India is hence the country of choice for outsourcing software development services.

Most contracted-out services

Software engineering, BPO services, and software development are India’s most commonly outsourced services.

Average Salary

Per the exchange rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in India is equivalent to about 424.64 USD.

Philippine Islands

The Philippines is among the finest nations in Asia for outsourcing services, along with India.

The nation has long retained the moniker “The BPO Capital of the World.” Microsoft, IBM, and Wells Fargo are international businesses that outsource work to the Philippines.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

High Level of English Proficiency

Filipinos are renowned for speaking English very well. The Philippines placed 18th out of 100 nations in the globe in the EF English Proficiency Index for 2021. Additionally, as of 2021, the nation’s excellent literacy rate was 98.18%. Fluency in English makes it easier for Filipinos to perform customer care tasks, especially for companies whose target market speaks English.

Government Assistance

The Philippines’ outsourcing industry draws international business thanks to the country’s advantageous tax rules. The Philippine government established the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to aid businesses in obtaining tax breaks, especially outsourcing firms. Software design, BPO services, IT outsourcing (Information Technology), and other activities are eligible for PEZA registration.

Most contracted-out services

Customer service, data entry, and other BPO services are the most commonly outsourced services to the Philippines.

Average Salary

According to the currency exchange in December 2021, the average monthly wage in the Philippines is roughly 885.41 USD.


Ukraine is rapidly gaining popularity for outsourcing, much like Eastern European nations Bulgaria and Romania. The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) named the country the “Delivery Destination of the Year 2021.”

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

The pool of Technically Skilled Talent

The Ukrainian government is positioning the country to take the lead in software outsourcing in the future. Statistics on outsourcing indicate that there are more than 200,000 IT professionals in the nation. Additionally, more than 30,000 tech graduates each year assist the Ukrainian developer community.

Time Zones Similar to Those in European Countries

When these businesses outsource to Asian nations like Vietnam, China, or India, time zones will be a problem. However, an Eastern European nation like Ukraine enjoys the same benefits of a similar time zone as businesses in other European countries.

Most contracted out services

In Ukraine, it’s common to outsource IT-related and software development services.

Average Salary

Considering the currency rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in Ukraine is around 845.27 USD.


One of the largest IT marketplaces in Eastern Europe for any software outsourcing service is found in Poland, another country in the region. Additionally, this European nation has skilled people in accounting and finance that is more affordable to acquire than those from Western European nations.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Contemporary Data Security

Polish outsourcing companies abide by stringent GDPR and other EU privacy and data security regulations. Thanks to these safety laws, your software development project, customer data, and other corporate data can all be kept safe. Additionally, it explains why the EU continues to be a popular investment destination for IT firms worldwide.

A sound economy

The sturdy and well-diversified Polish economy. The epidemic only caused a slight 2.7% decline in the nation’s GDP. Since 1991, there hasn’t been a decline of this kind. In addition, Poland’s GDP increased by 2.3% in the third quarter of 2021.

Most contracted out services

Poland is renowned for its highly qualified programmers, IT services, web development, and outsourcing of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming.

Average Salary

According to the currency rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in Poland is close to 1,945 USD.


Latin America’s top outsourcing nation is Brazil. The nation’s talent pool is highly skilled, and its technological infrastructure is advanced.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Advanced Digital Infrastructure

Brazil’s internet infrastructure has grown dramatically in recent years. Today, there are over 35 business accelerators and over 90 technological parks nationwide. Large offshore development teams are housed at the tech parks and centers, with cutting-edge digital infrastructure and several foreign businesses.

Favorable Law on Outsourcing

The 2017 Brazilian legislation on outsourcing permits businesses to employ outsourced workers to carry out both their core and non-core functions. This implies that you can hire personnel from Brazil for your company’s core tasks that have been outsourced.

Most contracted out services

Software development and business process outsourcing are Brazil’s two most popular services.

Average Salary

In Brazil, the average monthly wage is roughly 1,635 USD, according to the December 2021 conversion rate.


Latin America’s most well-liked outsourcing location in Mexico. The nation moved from 13th place in 2020 to eighth place on Tholons’ list of the Top 20 Digital Nations in 2021.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Similar to US time zones

A common nearshoring location for US-based businesses in Mexico. Mexico is the nation on our list closest to the US compared to the other outsourcing countries. Similar time zones make it easier to collaborate on outsourcing projects. Additionally, for US-based businesses wishing to outsource manufacturing services to Mexico, the proximity of the two countries might be a significant advantage.

High Retention of Employees

Due to the intense rivalry to acquire talent, well-known outsourcing markets worldwide are experiencing problems with employee retention. Nevertheless, Mexico must still be fully exposed to the global outsourcing economy. As a result, the nation experiences higher employee retention rates. According to a study, the United States and the United Kingdom will lose $435.7 billion and $90.0 billion in 2030 due to significant staff turnover. Mexico, however, will only suffer a $9 billion loss.

Most contracted out services

Human resource, customer, and IT services are the most frequently outsourced to Mexico. At Sonatafy we specialize in nearshore software development ( hiring for US companies that need outsourcing assistance at affordable rate.

Average Salary

Per the conversion rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in Mexico is equivalent to about 1,529.76 USD.


With a flourishing IT industry, Malaysia is a growing outsourcing market (2). 

“It placed third in the 2021 Kearney Global Services Location Index, owing to its increased digital capacities. “

– Time Doctor


Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Good English Language Ability

On the 2021 English Proficiency Index for Asian nations, Malaysians came in third. Additionally, it holds a high overall ranking of 28 out of 112 countries worldwide. Malaysian talent can efficiently accomplish any English-speaking outsourced services because of their excellent competency. For companies with English-speaking customers as their target market, this extends to customer support, content creation, and other areas.

The cost of Living is low

Malaysia has a lower-than-average cost of living compared to most American and European cities. Malaysia’s average wage is substantially lower than in other wealthy nations. For instance, it would cost you 945.40 USD monthly in Malaysia to hire software professionals from a software development business. In New York, employing the same specialist can run you 9103 USD on average.

Most outsourced services

IT and software development services are most frequently outsourced to Malaysia.

Average Salary

According to the currency rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in Malaysia is around 1,554.80 USD.


Latin American nations favor Argentina as a location for software outsourcing. It creates and maintains a sizable talent pool for technology. Additionally, the country can support a hassle-free outsourcing experience to firms in North America and Western Europe thanks to its overlapping time zones.

Key Arguments for Outsourcing

Affordable Hiring Rates

Argentina consistently generates highly skilled software developers and tech graduates due to its top-notch higher education system. Compared to other nations like the USA and UK, you may recruit this skill for much less money. For instance, in Argentina, employing offshore Python developers would run you an average of 1,183.04 USD per developer per month. In the UK, hiring engineers with the same experience level would run you an average of $6,543.39 USD. Hiring engineers for other programming languages like Java and C++ results in similar cost savings.

Developing Tech Hub

Argentina has driven the IT sector in Latin America. A well-established tech cluster has been developed in the nation with the assistance of IT firms like MercadoLibre and Globant. Several multinational corporations are currently based in this expanding digital environment. As a result, outsourcing businesses in Argentina have increased their expertise in IT-related disciplines like engineering, cloud computing, and the production of software and mobile devices.

Most outsourced services

For software outsourcing and customer service solutions, Argentina is a top choice.

Average Salary

According to the currency rate in December 2021, the average monthly wage in Argentina is roughly 447.79 USD.

The US is the best country for outsourcing compliance and HR.

Even if some functions are outsourced, it’s frequently beneficial to maintain HR and compliance domestically for organizations that are wholly based in the United States and don’t need to register abroad. Even when working remotely, it’s still beneficial to have a local firm that can stay on top of regulatory developments, communicate with employees, and collaborate with the team.

How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Location in the top countries to outsource

Here are the five things to think about when choosing the outsourcing destination for your company:

Company Profitability

The affordability of outsourcing to any foreign country must be taken into account. You can examine the country’s tax policies and other economic aspects that influence the prices of the services. With the correct outsourcing decision, you can significantly reduce the cost of recruiting qualified personnel.

The Existence of Skilled Talent

Every outsourced location and outsourcing firm has a talent pool with specialized areas of expertise. Ideally, you should choose an outsourcing nation that best meets the talent requirements of your company. For instance, if you want to offshore software development services, places like India, Poland, and Mexico are excellent choices. You might choose the Philippines for BPO services like software development outsourcing because its talent pool has English proficiency.

You must keep in mind however, offshore outsourcing isn’t without it’s issues. Things like intellectual property theft, delayed time zones, culture differences, just to name a few offshoring disadvantages.

Governmental Rules and Laws

It is crucial to pick a nation for outsourcing with legislation supportive of the practice and a favorable business climate. The success of your outsourced company ventures can be aided by government assistance in the form of tax breaks, labor rules, and public infrastructure.

Cultural and Linguistic Differences

You must pick an outsourced location where your company’s target market will avoid significant linguistic and cultural barriers. Confirming that your outsourcing partner has linguistic skills before outsourcing to a far-off country is vital. You can research the work cultures of your outsourcing partner and make sure they are compatible with the ones at your own company. This covers the way of life, work habits, and work flexibility of your outsourced staff.

Externalized Team Management

Your ability to manage your outsourced staff would be another essential factor to consider. Offshore outsourced teams work in various time zones and are controlled by multiple people. This makes team accountability more difficult. You must take steps to monitor your team’s productivity and billable hours regardless of the location of your outsourcing project.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing


Businesses that handle every facet of their operations in-house must inevitably pass these expenses to their clients. Companies can cut back on some of these expenses by working with an IT outsourcing firm, giving them a price advantage over rivals. Assigning this duty to a qualified IT outsourcer rather than hiring people to support the IT department is more advantageous. To some, outsourcing can be a negative word, however their many US fortune 500 business that are considered “outsourced companies“.

The following are the main advantages of delegating tasks to outsourcing companies so they can carry out essential IT functions (3):

  • high-caliber outcomes
  • decreased overhead costs for offices, gear, software, and cloud infrastructure

Maximizing resources

While you may have a team of competent developers, you can still assign them to work on some problems. Before properly evaluating what is at stake, estimating the time and effort required for tasks is crucial. Allocating your best expertise to IT support is typically neither efficient nor economical. Developers at your organization are occupied with tasks that directly advance your corporate objectives. Resource optimization can be accomplished through outsourcing since it allows talented workers to concentrate on the most crucial activities. Reputable and knowledgeable outsourcing firms provide flexible options and committed teams ready to work immediately. You can save time on staff training. No matter how great your internal staff is, developers who join your project will be productive immediately. Outsourcing ensures a seamless operation and successful completion of your IT project, even though work is still susceptible to interruption because of illness, vacation, or unanticipated events.

Utilizing modern technology

The customer must utilize the most cutting-edge technological stack in current IT projects. This is due to the need to locate experts with a great deal of knowledge in this field. The technology stack develops significantly every year, and developers in many customers’ businesses need help to be experts in many IT fields. So, to utilize the most recent technological stacks, outsourcing is required.

Finding the Best Talents

Small businesses need more resources to put all the systems and services they require in place. Additionally, the software’s necessary subscriptions and licenses are frequently costly. Plus, only large businesses can afford the high cost of equipment maintenance. Small companies can compete on an equal footing with larger ones by outsourcing their IT functions. Customers frequently need to handle local problems that call for highly skilled performers. It makes no sense to look for, find, and hire highly qualified individuals with such short-term business needs. Either this process is exceedingly expensive or delayed for an unacceptably long period.

Enhanced Scalability

Rapidly expanding businesses must be ready to adapt to changing demands. Many companies must increase their IT assistance at this point in development. Finding the necessary resources within the team to complete this assignment can take time and effort. The number and scope of these development teams are often predetermined. It can be expensive and time-consuming to grow an internal workforce in response to shifting business needs. By working with an outside vendor, you can prevent this and employ a scalable solution that can quickly expand to match your demands.

Focus on core businesses

By cooperating with a provider, businesses may concentrate on their primary objectives. By focusing your attention on various tasks that are important to the business operations but outside of its primary objectives, it is simple to become sidetracked. The solution to this issue is outsourcing, which enables business executives to concentrate on their areas of strength.

Higher-quality goods

Quality is a crucial factor in determining how well current software products function. Since many information systems now have millions of users, even a tiny software error can cause significant issues.

Positive Effects of Time Zone Differences

Utilizing developers from several time zones is one benefit of software outsourcing.

Granting all applicable IP rights

Owning the rights to the generated software is one of the significant benefits of outsourcing software development.

Possibility of Employing a Full Team or Individual Specialists

Your options between the best outsourcing countries are essentially unlocked by outsourcing your project because you can outsource any required service whenever possible. You can decide if it is more convenient for you to engage an entire team or individual professionals depending on your organization’s capabilities.

By outsourcing, you may scale your operations, save costs, and concentrate on your core competencies. This is why it’s so important to choose where you outsource carefully. You must ensure that the location and outsourcing firm you select is lucrative, provide individuals with the necessary skill set, and provide a straightforward outsourcing experience.


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