In Nearshore Software Development

Typical Profiles Of ROLES Placed

UI UX Design Sonatafy

Full Stack Developer

  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • JAM: JavaScript, API, Markup
  • MEAN: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • MERN: MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, NodeJS
Codebase & Contribution Audit

Front End Developer

  • Basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Webpack
  • Styles:  Bootsrap, Material UI
Web And Mobile Development

Back End Developer

  • Python
  • .NET/.NET Core
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java(Spring)
  • GoLang
DevOps Services

DevOps Engineer

  • Infrastructure:  AWS, Azure, GCP, ELK, NGINX
  • CI/CD Automation:  Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Jenkins
  • Virtualization: Bladecenter, Vagrant, VMWare
QA & Maintenance

Database Engineer

  • RDBMS: MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres
  • Mongo, Casandra, CouchDB, Elasticsearch
  • Graph: Neo4j, ArrangoDB
  • Message Queues:  Kafka, SQS, ZeroMX, RabbitMQ
QA & Maintenance

Quality Assurance Tester

  • Automation Architecture and Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Selenium
  • Katalon
  • Javascript
IT Help Desk Support

IT Help Desk

  • Support Tickets and Troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure and Tooling Support
  • Customer and Phone Support
  • Windows and Office 360 Support
DevOps Services

Data Scientist

  • Analyze various data (structured and unstructured) using SAS, Python, Excel, VBA and SQL
  • Deliver testing /validation improvement strategies/recommendations
QA & Maintenance

UI/UX Designer

  • Contribute to a wide variety of designs in Figma and InDesign – including interactive wireframes, pixel-perfect UI specifications, graceful user-flows, and carefully architected site-maps
QA & Maintenance

Technical Project Management

  • Manage project requirements and User Stories in Jira and Confluence
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
IT Help Desk Support

Business Analyst

  • Creation of User Stories and Jira Tickets.
  • Ability to analyze customer and business requirements.
DevOps Services

Cloud Service Providers

AWS – Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

QA & Maintenance

Common Verticals

Healthcare – HIPAA/HL7
FinTech and Banking
BioTech and Clinical / FDA
Manufacturing / ISO
Non-Profit Technology

“Sonatafy Technology’s NEARSHORE services helped our team development this year and we were able to reach our target goals actually before our deadline. Great experience, would recommend!”

– Frank N.
VP of Software Development

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