Life Science Nearshore Case Study

Team Blueprint

Project Management


Fullstack Engineers

Mid – level Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers

UI/UX Designers


Cisco Networks



Streaming Technologies

Reporting Systems

Administration of Monitoring Tools

Technology Details

Ruby on Rails

UI/UX Design

Automated test tools


Android and IOS Native


Agile Methodology



Reporting Tools

Life Science Nearshore

  Sonatafy Engagement

During project setup and initial development through monitoring and support.


Sonatafy was engaged by this Life Sciences firm building a SaaS platform designed to speed up drug development by digitizing the Clinical Trial process. The customer needed to accelerate their development efforts and quickly identify defects in their application so the team could correct and deploy withing a very tight window. This would greatly speed up their time – to – market while lowering development costs.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America and Asia Pacific to provide design, software engineering, and quality assurance to augment the firm’s team in the United States.


By hiring a team of 25+ engineers and designers and by creating and leveraging a Network Operations Command monitoring team in Shanghai China, Sonatafy engineers were able to decrease the time that defects were resolved to within 3 minutes of the initial error.

This HIPAA compliant,CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant process team was able to report bugs directly to issue tracking systems and provide notificationsto the Client immediately during outages. Escalations to more senior personnel were taken within 5 minutes when appropriate, and US based personnel were called once false positives were eliminated.

Successful outcome:

Length of time between defect identification, notification, maintenance, and deployments.

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