Health Care Startup Nearshore Case Study

Team Blueprint

Fullstack Engineers

Mid-level Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers

UI/UX Designers


Ruby on Rails

UI/UX Design

Automated test tools


Android and IOS Native


Agile Methodology



Reporting Tools

Health Care Startup Nearshore

  Sonatafy Engagement

Throughout the entire project.


Sonatafy was engaged by a Life Sciences firm building a SaaS platform designed to speed up drug development by digitizing the Clinical Trial process. Using Sonatafy Technology resources, they assembled a team of senior and mid-level software engineers, quality assurance, UI/UX designers in Latin America to accelerate speed to market and lower overall costs.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America to provide design, software engineering, and quality assurance to augment the firm’s disparate teams in the United States.


Sonatafy quickly built an entire engineering team in 2 short weeks. This team worked directly with the CTO to architect, build, and test their entire product line.

The team was HIPAA compliant and built a CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant process including validating the software and multiple audits by the Customers of the Client.

Successful outcome:

Increased software output and feature delivery

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