E-Learning Nearshore Case Study

Team Blueprint

Fullstack Engineers

Mid-level Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers


Ruby on Rails

E-Learning Nearshore

  Sonatafy Engagement

During project set-up and initial development through to monitoring and support.


Sonatafy was engaged by an E-Learning platform to increase their hiring speed. The customer needed to quickly identify defects in their application so the team could correct and deploy within a very tight window. This greatly decreased their time-to-market while lowering development costs.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America to provide design, software engineering, and quality assurance to augment the firm’s teams in the United States and work directly with the CTO.


The Sonatafy team worked closely with the client to determine the core competencies needed, quickly identify the right candidates, and place a multi-faceted team to work with the client’s existing teams.

Successful outcome:

Decreased the time between defect identification, notification, maintenance, and deployments

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