Software Platform Nearshore Case Study

Team Blueprint


Technical Writers

Fullstack Engineers



Technical Analysis



AWS Cloud

Software Platform Nearshore

  Sonatafy Engagement

During project set-up and initial development through to monitoring and support.


Sonatafy was engaged to meet growing customer demand.


Sonatafy was able to quickly source developers residing in Latin America to provide software engineering and quality assurance.


Sonatafy has partnered with this company to support their platform with Software Engineers and Technical Business Analysts.

Augmentation of their software development team has led to the increase in features and the speed that is shipped.

Domain knowledge of their underlying platform with the ability to offer that as a value proposition to Sonatafy customers.

Sonatafy created an amazing partnership with this Client to also utilize their platform to bring organization and action to the overall Sonatafy customer base by providing a deeper understanding of their codebase.

Successful outcome:

Increase the output of their core service offering and software development

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