TaylorMade Golf Nearshore Case Study

Team Blueprint

Sr. Project Manager

Sr. iOS and Android

Mid-level Engineers

Quality Assurance

Geo-Mapping and Geofencing


Android and iOS


Automated test tools

Reporting Tools

TaylorMade Golf Nearshoring

  Sonatafy Engagement

During project set-up and initial development through to monitoring and support.


TaylorMade was a late entrant into the wearable market specifically building a project in order to track golf ball location on all golf courses across the world.

They needed to quickly build a multifaceted team focused on geo-mapping golf courses as well as connecting the data points to their mobile application. They approached Sonatafy to assist them to meet milestones and stay on schedule.


Working closely with the client, we were able to quickly build a team of 60 mapping engineers. This allowed Sonatafy to help TaylorMade increase their development and testing efforts and bring the project to market ahead of schedule


Over the course of the engagement, the Sonatafy team comprised of 60 mapping engineers were able to quickly identify the cause of the production delays and bring the development back on schedule.

Working around the clock to meet all milestones, TaylorMade was able to launch their product ahead of schedule.

Successful outcome:

Increase in engineering output and testing, product released on schedule

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