Agile Software Development Custom Software Development for Gas Manufacturer

Agile Software Development Project Details


hProject Summary:
Custom Software Development

Timeline: Dec. 2021 – Ongoing

Budget: $200,000 to $999,999

Client Feedback

Sonatafy Technology’s work has received positive feedback due to its seamless UI, pleasing design, and high performance. They’ve been communicative and responsive throughout the partnership. They offer genuine care for the client on top of their technical experience and expertise.

Their team was proactive at communication and technically sound.

Agile Software Development The Client

Please describe your company and your position there.

Technical head of a leading gas manufacturer with over 5+ factories across the nation.

Agile Software Development The Challenge

For what projects/services did your company hire Sonatafy Technology, and what were your goals?

As our business expanded, it became increasingly harder to hire and manage our own software development resources. So we wanted to find a partner to build a dedicated software team that would focus on expanding the functionality and modernizing our internal enterprise software systems. Because we were not able to hire and manage our own internal software resources, we figured it’d be ideal if we partnered with a reliable outsourcing company.

Agile Software Development The Approach

How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

I interviewed several outsourcing companies and selected Sonatafy as I like the “nearshore” model of having resources available in the same timezone as our US-based teams. They had an impressive and accessible Senior Executive team, a flexible engagement model and a strong team of experienced software developers that spoke very good English. Not to mention, their case studies and client portfolio was impressive, too.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used.

We shared with them the scope of work, our vision for the future, features, third-party integrations required, etc. They then started working on the project. The team was able to get initial versions of the new software up really quickly. After getting feedback from our team, they conducted a thorough quality assurance process prior to going live. We keep adding more features in phases and are excited about how the project has progressed.

How many people from the vendor’s team worked with you, and what were their positions?

The team composition was as follows:

  • 3 Sr. software engineers
  • 2 Mobile Developers
  • Project manager
  • 1 UI/UX expert
  • 1 QA analyst
  • 1 Technical Report Writer

Apart from their software teams, we also were in touch with their CEO and CTO. They both were actively involved in the project and gave valuable inputs as and when needed.

Client Details

Technical Lead
501-1,000 Employees

Client Rating


Overall Score

Web Company Score

Team Blueprint

UI/UX | Fullstack Engineers | QA Automation Engineers

Technologies Used

Jira | iOS | AWS | Android

Agile Software Development   The Outcome

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

Yes, the software they have developed is next to perfect. Everything from the UI to the performance is seamless. We used the beta version of it and are extremely pleased with its look and feel. Their team really worked hard on the aesthetics while ensuring the software delivered a consistent user experience and high performance.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

We had weekly calls with them to discuss the project specifics. Apart from that, the communication mostly happened over emails. For tracking the project, the Sonatafy team used Jira / Confluence and provided weekly status reports.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

The involvement of their CEO and CTO added great value to the project. So far, we have worked with many outsourcing companies, but working with Sonatafy was different. They genuinely care about the product and its services and do everything they can to ensure it’s as good as it can be. Their team was proactive at communication and technically sound. We’re happy we collaborated with Sonatafy for the project.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

They handled the project very well. Couldn’t be any happier.