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Freelance Software Developer

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Software development is among the fast-evolving industries. If you want to succeed in this freelancing field, you will need a solid foundation and significant experience. You will also be required to continuously retool your skillset to keep up with changes as they come up. This guide will inform you of everything you would want to know about becoming a freelance software developer.

Remember, as a freelance developer, you won’t have the same opportunities as a full-time or even part-time employee. How much money a freelance software developer can make depends on how you secure your work. First, you have to put yourself in positions that allow you to secure the best jobs available. The following are some of the things you ought to know about becoming a freelance software developer:

Freelance Software Developer How Freelance Software Development Works

Freelance developers are not born; they are decided. However, if you incline to become one, you can quickly become qualified for some entry-level gigs if you take some online courses. It all depends on how you build your business. It will help if you understand that freelancing may have some exciting pain points, unlike a traditional full-time position. If you want to overcome these challenges, you must understand how freelance software development works. Getting started is never easy, and the following are some of the things you should keep in mind:

Geography plays a crucial role

Your work environment has a massive role to play in determining how successful you will be. Remember, not every client will be willing to work with you no matter how good you may think you are. You will have instances where you get sidelined because you did not fall into a category that the client wanted. However, how you react to everything thrown at you is the only thing that matters. Having a thick skin can work in your favor or against you. Without one, you would not survive as a freelance software developer. This is not a career path for the easily emotionally triggered but the patient and emotionally sober ones.

Freelance or software developers work sites

When starting, you will need to broaden your palates, and this is where you will need the infamous freelance websites. They are an excellent way to get your career started. However, be aware of sites that try to deflate your value. For example, suppose you have not built a reputation, and you have a particular client pool of repeat business. In that case, you may find yourself spending a significant amount of time doing work that may appear simple initially, only to become complicated as you progress.
Programming can be stressful since some clients will always try to squeeze in extra work that you did not discuss during the negotiations. This mostly happens when you choose the wrong freelance website, and the worst part is you will feel obligated to do the job because you will be trying to boost your star ratings to land higher-paying gigs.

Talking about money when hire freelance software developers

When starting freelance software development, you need to establish how much money developers are paid for their work in an hourly or daily basis. Well, according to Forbes, “We’ve had developers on track to make over $1 million a year before, as well as salespeople making over $1 million a year,” Dickey says. It is a field where your experience and talent will pay you as you deserve. However, you have to know that money is often one of the hardest things to talk about, and it could either make or break a deal.
You must be prepared to have this kind of conversation early to avoid getting dragged into a hole of requirement analysis. Remember, time is money, and any time wasted could be time spent trying to execute another deal. The amount you get paid depends entirely on how good your negotiation skills are.

Getting paid might be a bit challenging than you think

There is a high demand for full-stack developers, but the problem might come in getting paid. Depending on where you are operating and getting your freelance work, you might or might not get paid. The platform you operate in plays a crucial role. Always request a down payment just in case, and it helps ensure the time-wasters are weeded out as early as possible. Regardless of who you are working for, it would be best to get paid for your work, so have the right strategies to make that possible.

Try not to go through it alone

Some freelance developers, when getting started, feel like it’s something they can handle. The problem is software development is not straightforward, and you can hardly be good at everything. Furthermore, creating excellent software requires several areas of talent and a significant amount of time investment that you may not have. So it would help if you looked for someone you can partner with. A close friend or business partner you can rely on will be instrumental in scaling and getting better deals while splitting the load and the check. So whether becoming a full-stack developer is hard or not? It depends on your approach.

You won’t always have work or report job tasks

The nature of freelancing can be quite unpredictable. Dry spells will be there, and the only way of minimizing them as much as possible is if you develop impeccable communication and networking skills and learning the best strategies for money management. Also, being a freelance developer is not like a full-time job, and there will be times when work is limited.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance software engineer and not a people person, learn how to become one. This is not a job for the fainthearted. Remember, you are competing with developers from all over the world. Never ignore networking and face-to-face interactions. Likewise, learn the art of negotiations and master remaining calm whenever closing any deal. However, it is essential to know that settling on a software development company may be a more reliable route compared to hiring freelancers, who may not go through legal procedures by accepting the terms and conditions of both parties before initiating the process.

Freelance Software Developer Q&A

How much does a freelance software developer make?

On average, a freelancer software developer makes $100 000 annually, but it can be more or less depending on the number of jobs they get.

Can you freelance as a software developer?

Yes, you can freelance as a software developer. You can either jump straight away into freelancing or develop a plan to become or progressively turn into a freelance.

How can I become a freelance software engineer?

Becoming a freelance software engineer might be challenging than you may think. It would help if you had a solid foundation and some experience. You will need to retool your skillset and keep up with any changes continuously. Ensure you market yourself, expand your skill set, learn new emerging trends and look for opportunities presented by software development.

How much should I charge as a freelance developer?

Developers should charge anywhere between $61-100 as an hourly rate. However, depending on your skillset and expertise, you can charge more.

How can I become a freelancer with no experience?

Becoming a freelancer without experience may seem complicated, but it’s possible. You can do so by reducing your charge from the competitors, publishing some projects online, search for jobs without the experience criteria and certifying yourself.

How do I start freelancing?

If you want to freelance, define your goals, choose the skill you want to specialize in, define target clients, and create a portfolio to showcase your skills.

Can you become a Web developer in 6 months?

Yes, you can become an excellent web developer within six months. However, it would help if you went step by step as you gain more knowledge.

Is it hard to be a software developer?

Don’t be fooled; becoming a software developer can be a massive challenge, but if you spare time to learn to program and do it regularly, you will learn everything required to become a developer. You might even get a job without having a computer science degree.

Which website is best for freelancing?

Depending on your needs, you should choose the best site, but some of the best options include Upwork, Guru and Toptal.

Is coding still in demand?

We live in a digital world where coding skills or computer programming are in high demand across various careers. If you know how to code, you’ll hardly lack a well-paying job.

Is programming job stressful?

Sometimes, the job can be stressful, but you are well-compensated for any anxiety you may experience as a computer programmer.

Is getting a software job easy?

Getting a software job entirely depends on your progress in your career path. If you have the desired skill set, you will find it pretty easy to get jobs. However, if you are starting, it can be a bit challenging.

What are the pros and cons of freelancing?


  • Freedom of clients
  • You get control of workload
  • There is flexibility, independence and exposure


  • Sporadic work
  • Ultimate responsibility
  • Taxes

How much do full-stack developers make per hour?

The hourly rate for full-stack developers is $61-80 per hour (on average) but may vary significantly depending on the location.

How much does a developer cost per day?

Depending on your location and the developer’s skillset, the overall cost per day should range between $75 to $400.

Our full-stack developers in demand?

The demand for full-stack developers has increased by approximately 30% over the last year. As a result, it has been recognized as one of the hottest professions in 2021.

Is it hard to be a full stack developer?

Being a full-stack developer requires a lot of time, dedication and the willingness to specialize in both ends. It’s challenging to stay updated with all the new technologies that change both in Front-End and Back-End. It gets harder if you are working on a big project.

How can I become a full stack developer in 2020?

To become a full-stack developer, there are several skills you need to possess. You should understand HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub, Backend languages, web architecture, HTTP and REST, database storage and basic design skills.

Does freelance coding pay well?

The average freelance web developer charges approximately $60 per hour. The amount can be higher or lower depending on other factors such as taxes and skillset.

Freelance Software Developer Benefits of becoming a freelance software developer

Working as a software developer is becoming more and more popular. You can develop an excellent career freelancing and go on the right path. Check out the following benefits associated with choosing freelance software development:

The pay rate is excellent

Before choosing this career path, it is vital to establish your price points. This may be influenced by your portfolio and how much you are willing to charge. Then, of course, you decide on the amount you are willing to offer your services for, but the pay rate, in general, is very good.

Boosts productivity

One of the primary benefits of working as a freelance software developer is the flexibility to develop a physical and mental work environment that suits your needs. Since freelancers are paid at a variable rate, you must spend your time efficiently on valuable work. Getting the job done in your way can be intimidating, making freelancing not something that just anyone can do. However, with each assignment, you improve your work outcomes by boosting your focus and creativity. You will notice an improvement in your productivity and further your career development by taking advantage of strong work habits and continual learning.


Suppose you are interested in this career path. In that case, there is a high possibility you have found yourself searching for the merits and demerits of freelancing. One of the most outstanding benefits is the flexibility of the role. You decide when you want to work, the jobs you want to take, and how you will get them done. As a freelance developer, you will never need to sit in an office and observe the regular work hours unless you want to.

It is easier to find work

Unlike getting a permanent, full-time position at a company which can be quite difficult, especially when you are just starting your career and lack experience in the real world, freelancing offers more opportunities. Look for a company willing to hire a part-time freelancer if you have limited experience. Then, it will be less of an ordeal, and you can use that project as a stepping stone to get different jobs either with the same company or from others attracted by your freelance portfolio.

Comfortable working environment

Mostly you will be working from home, or anywhere you choose to. But, even when you choose an office setup, you will have a comfortable working environment with nice air-conditioning, a fast internet connection, a coffee maker, and anything you would like to have in your office. Do not underestimate the difference some of these little things can make.
Freelancing will help you work better while taking your productivity to levels you never thought of. In addition, you will reap the benefits that come along with doing what you love and providing quality software development.

Freelance Software Developer Processes of Becoming a Freelance Software Developer

Being a software developer means that you have to secure your freelance work and put yourself in a position where you can get the best freelance jobs available. However, it does not have to be such a daunting task. All clients want to see is if you have the skills and expertise to get their short-term and long-term projects completed on time. Therefore, it would help if you found a straightforward way of communicating your abilities to your clients. The following are some of the processes you will need to become a freelance software engineer:

Market yourself

Ensure you create an interactive website to showcase your software development portfolio and feature some of the projects you have worked on. Then, you can advertise them on social media platforms to reach a wider target audience.

Expand your skillset

The best developer jobs require you to be conversant with various programming languages and platforms. Therefore, you need to learn something new if you want to remain relevant in this industry. As long as you keep expanding your skillset using development courses, you should never lack a job.

Beware of emerging trends

Listen to podcasts or read blogs to understand everything trending with your field of specialty. You can also attend meetups to know what people in your industry are up to. Your relevance could depend on how well updated you are.

Collaborate with other developers

Developers should be excellent at working in teams. Mingle with people in your line of work, and it might help you pick a thing or two.
Building a career as a freelance software developer can be pretty rewarding, and you will get paid to do something you are passionate about. First, however, ensure you know how to find the right projects to be successful. It is not something for the fainthearted. Remember, new technologies and ideas come out all the time, so you have to be on top of every development.

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