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Nearshore Software Development Company

Nearshore Software Development Company Is Software Development Team Growth in Your Future?

Is your company planning to grow quickly as the economic situation improves? How are you going to staff to meet your goals? Are you going to continue to support remote workers? As CIO magazine noted from a Robert Half report, “many COVID quick fixes are likely to stick around after the pandemic subsides” and remote developers work is one of the most important. It’s also a perfect situation for incorporating developers staffing from a nearshore software development company like Sonatafy to your already remote-friendly team. Local developers engineers are thriving and ready to help, for example: according to an article in Entrepreneur magazine, “the commitment to Mexican developers talent continues to be strong” with the national belief that these software developers are a key national resource for the future.

Nearshore Software Development Company Quality Code, Quality Documentation

How many times have you added temporary developers software engineering help, or even employees, only to find later that they didn’t have time to document the work they had done? Adding skilled software engineers means adding professionals who are going to leave a mark, not only in the software they create for your company, but, as one university notes, “mapping out the software to have on record for future upgrades and enhancements.” Working with a nearshore software development company can get you the professionals you need not just for quick fixes, but software development that will stand the test of time.

Nearshore Software Development Company Location is Key

As in real estate, the key to working with international software development resources is “location, location, location.” A Forbes contributor puts it succinctly: “Geolocation is a key factor that can make or break an agreement to collaborate with global partners.” Working with a nearshore software development company brings the resources close in nearby countries, and your business contact even closer, with a US-based presence.

Nearshore Software Development Company Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Nearshore Software Development Company

    What is nearshore software development?

    Nearshore software development team is, for most client companies, very similar to hiring remote software development teams or team members domestically. It involves the concepts and many of the advantages of global offshoring, but with an emphasis on nearby countries that offer cultural, linguistic, and time zone advantages making communication easier and as a result, processes such as Agile software development are possible where they might not be with a team 12 hours out of sync with the in-house developers. With the connections and expertise provided by a nearshore software development company, staffing this way can be straightforward, very cost effective, and with easier access to many software development specialties that otherwise would be difficult to acquire.

    What is a nearshore or nearshore development company?

    A nearshore software development company is one that provides access to generally more abundant and cost-effective software development resources in neighboring countries. The nearshore software development company provides recruiting expertise and local employment to bring software engineers, developers and other resources on board, and provides a domestic point of contact to companies so that staffing using a nearshore software development company is similar to hiring domestic remote workers.

    What companies use nearshoring?

    Nearshoring team is effective for startups and multinationals, manufacturing companies and software businesses. It’s a flexible way to outsource production, services, and processes, and with nearshore software development company help, it can be a very strong option for any company requiring software development expertise, augmenting their own or as an outsourced software product development team for apps, websites, and other distinct projects.

    Why is nearshore outsourcing or nearshore software outsourcing?

    Outsourcing is the term given to any part of a company’s operations that aren’t conducted internally, in particular ones like software development and IT services. Nearshore is one of three major outsourcing strategies, the other two are onshore outsourcing, in the same country, and offshore outsourcing, which can be in distant countries around the globe. Nearshore outsourcing through a nearshore software development company is outsourcing with the advantages of international offshoring, but fine-tuned to cut out the communication and distance issues that can make offshoring a major challenge.

    What is the difference between nearshore and offshore fishing?

    Nearshore team fishing is done along shorelines, on reefs, and on rocks, targeting smaller fish that live near shore such as snappers and groupers. Offshore fishing is a much more strenuous activity, aiming for larger fish like marlin and yellowfin tuna and trolling on the open water from an appropriate boat.

    Why do companies nearshore?

    Companies that work with a nearshore software development company can expand their staffing options and reduce their costs, which is a effective way to meet company software development goals competitively. Nearshoring provides the opportunity to access talent pools of highly trained and experienced workers in countries where there is not yet as much demand for their services as in the US, allowing companies to readily access the skills they need in a cost-effective manner. Since remote work is routine these days, adding these valuable team members is quite straightforward, since they work more similar hours, speak English, and understand US culture better than other offshore resources.

    Why are companies nearshoring or nearshore software development services?

    Even in a world of unpredictability, using a nearshore software development company to augment a company’s staff and bring on team members at reasonable costs is a fairly secure way to do business. Local talent pools are often very competitive, especially in software development specialties, and nearshoring and provide the right people without the delays and uncertainty of local hiring these days.

    What are types of outsourcing?

    Outsourcing can be domestic, called onshoring, using resource in other states or regions; it can be offshoring, with resources gathered from around the globe; offshoring can also be done internationally but locally, in neighboring countries, called nearshoring.

    Is an example of offshoring?

    Much of the clothing people in the US reflects offshore manufacturing, often in parts of Asia but also sometimes in Central America. Software development is also performed in many countries around the world, and also reflects various countries of origin. Apps that accompany popular hardware products are often products of offshoring as well, sometimes reflecting their origin with accidentally untranslated error messages or other artifacts.

    What is an example of offshore outsourcing?

    Call centers for consumer-oriented companies such as mobile phone providers often are operated by offshore outsourcing companies. They hire local workers and provide training, workspace and equipment, and communication lines to the US so their workers can perform the work that their US client specifies. Often, there’s little or no way to tell where the customer service representative is located. These offshore companies also provide flexible capacity, allowing their client companies to scale the number of workers and distribute their hours around the clock, meeting seasonal and other demands for service.

    What are the advantages of nearshore?

    Nearshore is an optimization of the advantages of offshore outsourcing such as cost savings and an ample supply of just the right kinds of developers and software engineers that a US company needs. A nearshore software development company can provide these skilled workers who are located near to the client company for easy communication between similar time zones, and remove the potential obstacle of complex paperwork by acting as an international staffing bridge.

    What is meant by offshore outsourcing?

    Offshore outsourcing takes a defined part of a company’s operations and, rather than having another company in the same country supply the parts, services, or other outsourced business activities, it reaches overseas to accomplish the same goal. This is the technique used for outsourcing call centers, for example, so that international providers can staff and operate the call center on the company’s behalf. It’s also how companies source parts or entire products from firms in other countries for sale as part of the US company’s product line. In the IT and software development world, offshore outsourcing is used to obtain well-defined services such as remote network monitoring or production of a mobile app at a lower cost, but at a significant distance. A nearshore software development company or IT provider provides similar opportunities, but at a limited distance, usually in a neighboring country.

    What are three advantages to onshore outsourcing?

    Onshore outsourcing allows a company to work closely with the outsourcing provider, which might be located in the same state or one nearby. For example, automobile manufacturers often work with key outsourcing providers such as custom machine shops that are close by. Onshore outsourcing also ensures that the language and culture of the provider is the same as or very similar to the outsourcing company, since they are located in the same country. Taxes and other paperwork are also simpler when the work is contracted domestically. Note that some of these advantages can be available to some degree from a nearshore software development company, which offers access to resources selected to meet these needs and others as well as possible at better rates than onshore.

    What is the most important justification for a company to consider offshore decision?

    To begin the search for an offshore outsourcing provider, a company should usually be motivated by the advantages of cost savings, which can allow the company to pursue more of its current goals and opportunities. One of the justifications for working with a nearshore software development company these days, however, is because equivalent resources such as software engineers and IT staff are difficult to locate domestically. In that case, availability and cost savings together motivate the decision.

    What should be practiced for best outsourcing?

    Careful management is essential for outsourcing, starting with a clear definition of deliverables, ongoing communication as needed with the provider as they are operating independently to ensure that any issues that arise are easily raised, and for software development and similar projects, carefully specified agreements for followup support and maintenance after the project is completed. Additional best practices are along the same lines, such as clearly linking payments to deliverables.

    What is offshore employee?

    An offshore employee is one that is engaged through a provider company, employed in their home country to work with a client company, often in the US.

    What outsourcing means?

    For software development and most business purposes, transferring a part of the company’s operations to a contracted outside provider who is responsible for the specified product. The company treats them as a supplier, but with a company-specific product.

    What is an example of nearshoring?

    A company developing a new generation of web software to access their shopping site could, instead of waiting and developing a new mobile shopping app with the same team after unveiling the new website, bring on a specialized app team through a nearshore software development company, and work closely with them to bring both the website and app to the public at the same time. They’d have access to the right resources without hiring delays and at attractive costs, be able to work with the nearshore team during convenient hours and with easy communication, and even be able to travel as needed and close by for meetings, design reviews, and face-to-face team building.

    What is development software engineering?

    A software engineer is trained and experienced in the principles of software engineering as well as software development. Using those net skills, they can organize and provide professional guidance to the processes of software design and development, software maintenance activities, software testing using various methodologies, and the evaluation of software for a given purpose.

    What is nearshore zone in geography?

    For business, nearshore or nearshore services combines geographic proximity, such as Latin America to North America, along with a limited difference in time zones.

    How far out is considered offshore?

    For business, offshore is out of the current country. Although regional countries are often called nearshore. For fishing, about 9 miles from the coast is considered offshore.

    Nearshore Software Development Company Get Cost Savings and Talent Close By With a Nearshore Software Development Company

    Working with nearshore software development company Sonatafy, you get the best of both worlds, with the well-educated talent available through a local US-based staffing firm. Check our case studies and learn how it works, then reach out to us to fill out your team with pros.