Agile Software Development IT Staff Augmentation for VR Education Company

Agile Software Development Project Details

case-study-IT Staff Augmentation for VR Education Company

hProject Summary:
Staff Augmentation Development

Timeline: Mar. 2022 – Aug 2023

Budget: Confindential

Client Feedback

After refining the vetting process, Sonatafy Technology found three highly talented and matching candidates to join the client’s team. Sonatafy Technology delivered on time and on budget, showing competency and knowledge. Moreover, the resources learned quickly and excelled in their work.

“Their team was very good at finding and interviewing different people to join our team.”

Agile Software Development The Client

Please describe your company and your position there.

Health Scholars is a VR education company. We provide VR training and assessment for doctors and nurses in the US. I’m the technical and managing lead of our web services team; we build the APIs, tools, and web services needed to make our company run.

Agile Software Development The Challenge

What challenge were you trying to address with Sonatafy Technology?

Some team members left our company, so we needed to hire new employees for our team. However, we could only afford to hire so many new employees locally, so we decided to hire more people outside the US. Still, we didn’t want to hire far away to avoid vastly different time zones, so we hired Sonatafy as our nearshore staff augmentation service provider.

Agile Software Development The Approach

What was the scope of their involvement?

Sonatafy helped us hire developers from Mexico and South America with similar time zones to the US. Initially, we had a couple of different meetings with them. First of all, we had a meeting to figure out what Sonatafy’s culture was, who they usually hired, and what their philosophy was.

Once we felt Sonatafy was a match for our company, we provided them with job descriptions and an ad hoc description of what type of staff members we were looking for culture-wise. We also worked with them on the interviewing process so that we could be part of the overall hiring process.

Ultimately, we ended up hiring three developers through Sonatafy. The resources we hired joined our existing team remotely and helped us with web development. They joined all of our meetings and processes, so no one was able to tell they were resources from Sonatafy unless we told them.

What is the team composition?

I was in contact with Steve (CEO) from the beginning and had regular communication with Joseph (VP of Account Management). Additionally, I worked closely with the teammate in charge of HR.\

How did you come to work with Sonatafy Technology?

I found them online when looking for staff augmentation companies. We weren’t sure which company to hire, so we vetted 4–5 companies. We ultimately went with Sonatafy because the values written on their site were very good, and the company had very good reviews on Glassdoor from people working with them who were very happy.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working together in March 2022, and our engagement ended in August 2023 because we were forced to downsize — it had nothing to do with Sonatafy.

Client Details

Technical Lead, Health Scholars
11-50 Employees

Client Rating


Overall Score

Web Company Score

Team Blueprint

CEO | Engineering Manager| Account Manager

Technologies Used

API’s | Web Services | Scrum

Agile Software Development   The Outcome

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement? 

Sonatafy’s work exceeded our expectations. Their team was very good at finding and interviewing different people to join our team.

There were a couple of times when Sonatafy found people outside of the price range we could afford or without the skills we required. However, as we provided feedback, they refined the process so that candidates didn’t make it to the final interviews unless they were a match. The last two candidates we interviewed were a perfect match, so we just went with them.

How did Sonatafy Technology perform from a project management standpoint?

Sonatafy delivered on time and on budget.

Are there any employees from the service provider’s team that you would like to give a shout-out to in this review?

Steve followed our philosophy and was extremely bright and competent. I really loved working with him, and I would be happy to work with him again. I would also like to give a shout-out to Joseph.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Everyone I worked with from Sonatafy learned really fast and got what they needed to excel in their job. 

Are there any areas they could improve?

I wish we had been able to work with Sonatafy for longer to get to know them even more. We only worked with them for web development services, but they can hire talent for more areas. In addition to that, it would have been great to know more about the holidays the candidates would be taking off at the beginning of the hiring process.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

If you haven’t worked with people outside your native country, ensure you have patience. There are many extremely talented employees who may not have a great handle on other languages, so be patient with them.

Additionally, think of outsourced staff augmentation as a cultural add. If you need to change a method of communication to adapt, that’s the best you can do to get the best results.