Sonatafy can Audit, Visualize, Transform, Verify, and Maintain your complete development lifecycle:

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Codebase and
Contribution Audit

We provide an in-depth evaluation of your software assets and engineering processes.

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Consultation & Fractional CTO
Services + UI/UX Design

We work with your stakeholders to identify areas that can provide the biggest ROI.

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Software Development,
, Mobile & Cloud

We specialize in augmenting your engineering teams to develop and deploy your products with precision.

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QA Manual or
Automation Testing

We provide experienced, cost-effective QA teams, ensuring your services exceed customer expectations

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IT Help Desk +
Refactor and Tech Debt

We can maintain and manage product inventory post-deployment and repair unintended defects, quickly and safely.

Nearshore Software Developer Services  Nearshore Role-Based Positions

Web & Application Developers

Nearshore Software Developer Services  Web & Application Developers

We know that you have a lot invested in your product development and it is critical that you have an experienced and high-performing team to develop it. Whether you are looking at Front-end JavaScript developers working in frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js or you need seasoned Backend developers focused on .Net or Java and working to build out Cloud Native solutions, Sonatafy is able to source candidates quickly and efficiently.

Agile Web Application Specialists

Common Technologies Used:

Front-EndBack-EndFull-Stack FocusMobile TechnologiesDatabases

DevOps Specialists

Nearshore Software Developer Services  DevOps Specialists

Two realities in DevOps today are that everyone has a finite budget, and experienced staff is hard to find and keep. At Sonatafy we address both of these concerns with our DevOps software engineers. All of our DevOp engineers are knowledgeable, self-motivated professionals.

What Is DevOps?
How DevOps Works
How We Can Help
Common Technologies Used

Python Logo Docker Logo Kubernates Logo Azure Nearshore Puppet
Ansible Logo Chef Logo
QA and Maintenance Specialists

Software Quality Assurance  Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance is a crucial part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that defines and measures the adequacy of the software process. A properly implemented QA process reduces the number of defects in releases, reduces time-to-market, enhances customer satisfaction, and lowers the cost to maintain the software application. Sometimes due to time or budget concerns, organizations do not include proper software quality assurance as part of the SDLC or just do minor, simple testing before a software rollout. When this is not implemented correctly, the overall quality of the application can suffer greatly, leading to end user dissatisfaction and frustration.

Quality Assurance
Staff Augmentation
Common Technologies Used

Selenium Cucumber QA Appium QA Postman QA
UI/UX Designers
Nearshore Software Developer Services  UI/UX Designers

Sonatafy’s nearshore model will locate and hire experienced and professional UI/UX Designers and Developers to assist your team while you build engaging mobile and web user experiences that correspond to the trends in design for applications. When starting a project, you must have a clear vision of how your customers and users will be interacting with your application and on what devices they will be working with. Having a sound UI/UX team can be critical to delivering that top-notch user experience and interface that takes your project to the next level.

Our Process
Common Technologies Used

Adobe Creative Cloud Sketch Figma InVision Zeplin
IT Help Desk Support Technicians

Nearshore Software Developer Services  IT Help Desk Support Technicians

Help desk support technicians are the go-to people for providing technical assistance and help related to an organization’s IT systems, including laptops, computers and software.  The help desk IT support technicians are often responsible for answering queries and addressing system and user issues in a timely and professional manner.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation
Flexible Staff Augmentation Solutions
Common Technologies Used

Office 365 Slack GSuite Jira Zoom
Trello Microsoft Teams Sharepoint Salesforce

Nearshore Software Developer Services  Value Added Nearshore Software Developer Services

Codebase & Contribution Audit

Nearshore Software Developer Services  Codebase & Contribution Audit

Sonatafy can help your organization get code clarity on legacy applications, define a clear roadmap on your current applications regarding code quality and technical debt, and identify areas of refactoring opportunities. Our Audit solution provides unparalleled insight into your code and development teams so you can make better choices and implement the right solution, faster.

How We Can Help You
How We Run The Code Audit
3 Biggest Code Audit Questions

Consultation & Fractional CTO Services

Nearshore Software Developer Services  Agile Consultation & Fractional CTO Services

With over 100 years of combined experience helping companies increase their software engineering output and product development, Sonatafy can work with your technical leaders to layout efficient ways to create processes, build high-performing and cross-functional teams, start development projects, and ensure that the right technical decisions, leaders, and engineers are in place to meet your deadlines.

Fractional CTO Services
Agile Consultation

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